CEO Message

Avicenna College has been established since 2011 and at this particular year, Ministry of Education Malaysia has extended an exclusive invitation to Avicenna College to establish a niche college offering programs in opticianry. And today, Avicenna College has grown to be one of the leading colleges for vision care professionals and other professional field.

At Avicenna College, we offer programmes which are designed to produce highly employable graduates by providing our students with a highly benchmarked academic experience closely aligned to industry requirements. We have produced employable graduates through a sound approach of transforming school leavers into highly qualified competitive professionals. With high rate of employability, and the continuously high demand from the market, we are very proud to announce that till date, all of our graduates are employed and zero unemployment for Avicennian’s graduates.

We are committed to provide a holistic curriculum which will develop individuals to become professionally-balanced personality graduates, mature, equipped with entrepreneurial skill and could develop knowledge useful to the community to raise a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. Our team of dedicated lecturers and administrators will assist students to achieve success in their chosen academic pursuit.

When you choose Avicenna College, you will be committing yourself towards an innovative experience and exciting phase of your life. We welcome your interest in Avicenna College and look forward to meeting you.


CEO of Avicenna College